Mid-June Meeting

With summer schedules changed now, our readers are into high gear.  Lots of books are flying off our reading cart, so expect more comments very soon!  This meeting was devoted to the Newbery criteria of “Writing Style” and we discussed several aspects of that topic.  Several titles that we compared included:  I am Princess X, Enchanted Air, Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer, The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate, Dear Hank Williams, and Echo.
What titles are you reading that have distinguished writing styles?

The Book Scavenger, by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

Summary: Just after twelve-year-old Emily and her family move to San Francisco, she teams up with new friend James to follow clues in an odd book they find, hoping to figure out its secrets before the men who attacked Emily’s hero, publisher Garrison Griswold, solve the mystery or come after the friends.

Henry Holt

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The Toymaker’s Apprentice, by Sherri Smith

Summary:  Stefan Drosselmeyer is a reluctant apprentice to his toymaker father until the day his world is turned upside down. His father is kidnapped and Stefan is enlisted by his mysterious cousin, Christian Drosselmeyer, to find a mythical nut to save a princess who has been turned into a wooden doll. Embarking on a wild adventure through Germany, Stefan must save Boldavia’s princess and his own father from the fanatical Mouse Queen and her seven-headed Mouse Prince, both of whom have sworn to destroy the Drosselmeyer family.


June’s First Friday Meeting!

20 of us met Friday for some great sharing and discussion of the Newbery criteria “Theme” as it relates to some of the books we are reading.  Echo, The Island of Dr. Libris, and The Seventh Most Important Thing were all named as having great themes throughout their pages.  Our favorite title continues to be The War that Saved My Life, with 10 kids having read it so far.
What books have you read with great themes this year?

Borrowed Time, by Greg Leitich Smith

Summary: In this time-travel dinosaur adventure, Max Pierson-Takahashi and his friend Petra return to the days of the dinosaurs, where they must survive attacks from deadly creatures, including a vengeful girl from the 1920s.


The Boys who Challenged Hitler, by Phillip Hoose

Summary: The true story of a group of boy resistance fighters in Denmark after the Nazi invasion.

Farrar Straus Giroux

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The Edge, by Roland Smith

Summary: Fifteen-year-old Peak Marcello is invited to participate in an “International Peace Ascent” in the Hindu Kush, with a team made up of under-eighteen-year-old climbers from around the world–but from the first something seems wrong, so when the group is attacked, and most of the climbers are either killed or kidnapped, Peak finds himself caught up in a struggle to survive, shadowed by the Shen, a mysterious snow leopard.



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