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Old Wolf by Avi

Summary:  A wolf and bird must fight the starving time and find food, while a human boy learns to hunt.



3 thoughts on “Old Wolf by Avi

  1. I read Old Wolf this past week, and I believe that it will be popular among the Newbery Committee. It developed its characters effortlessly over a short amount of time, and focused on two main characters through a style I enjoyed. It had a clear moral of, “Power is not everything.” and also had themes of peace and kindness. Its setting was also well described for such a short book. Although it is meant for younger readers(7-10) I believe that this book’s meaning and simplicity will be a hit with Newbery.

  2. Comment from Kayla:
    Do not underestimate Old Wolf! This book portrayed the pros and cons of power in just a few pages. Most stories that follow animals have shallow characters and perpetually stand out from humans. Therefore, most animal characters can’t be related to. Although, the main character wolf in this novel was facing problems that humans could actually be going through. This wolf had to lead a pack through distrust and difficult scenarios. Casey was developed but seemed slightly typical which didn’t detract from this book. The setting was very descriptive because the setting was one of the problems (starving time). The strongest criteria was the theme, no questions asked. You could see many situations of power, whether the strength inside of you or the danger from it. Also, you could see the strength of friendship when Merla offers support. Overall, this is DEFINETLY worth reading and could win the Newbery. I would suggest this book for sixth and seventh grade.

  3. Old Wolf is definitely a good book. The strongest criteria of the book was theme and the whole story revolved around the idea of power in different forms. I was able to relate to the wolf which is not something every book can pull off. There has been some debate about the plot and whether it is finished and I would definitely say it is finished. The simple writing style, unique plot, and unspecific setting all seem to imply watching through a foggy window. While you don’t see the motives and history, the simplicity only emphasizes the strong theme. In addition, the book only shows you a small snippet of time which cements that impression. Very good book I would recommend to a 8-10 year olds.

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