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February 1st Meeting

Happy 2019 everyone and welcome to a new session of Mock Newbery club! We’ve already had some reviews rolling in, even this early into the year. We had a few graphic novels to peruse in our first meeting in January, and they have been a pretty big hit so far.

Click by Kayla Miller

Click by [Miller, Kayla]

An adorable graphic novel about friend groups and fitting in. A picture is truly worth 1000 words and this book proves it.”

-Keira R.

Catwad by Jim Benton

It's Me. (Catwad) by [Benton, Jim]

Catwad is a comedy comic about two cats, Catwad and Blurmp. Catwad is a sensitive cat while Blurmp is a funny cat.”


“Catwad was really funny. It shows how good friends stick with their friends, even when their friend is not being nice to them. Catwad and Blurmp always kept me laughing and entertained. I really liked this book.”


“A hilarious graphic novel about friendship between two polar opposites (who happen to be cats).”

-Keira R.

Interested in meeting twice a month to talk about and read books that aren’t even out yet? Join us at our next meeting, February 22nd at 4:00pm. Email for more information. We’ll see you there!

Until then, happy reading!



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