Arcady’s Goal, by Eugene Yelchin

Summary:  When twelve-year-old Arcady is sent to a children’s home after his parents are declared enemies of the state in Soviet Russia, soccer becomes a way to secure extra rations, respect, and protection but it may also be his way out if he can believe in and love another person–and himself.

Henry Holt

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Centaur Rising, by Jane Yolen

Summary:  In 1965, a year after Arianne thinks she sees a shooting star land in the fields surrounding her family’s horse farm, a baby centaur is born and the family, already under scrutiny because Arianne’s six-year-old brother has birth defects, struggles to keep the colt a secret.

Henry Holt

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Dangerous Deception, by Peg Kehret

Summary:  Sixth-grader Emmy and her classmates start a secret community service project to help a hungry family, but soon Emmy finds herself involved in a home burglary ring operated by the family’s neighbor.


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Family Romanov, by Candace Fleming

Summary:  Traces the story of the Russian Revolution, the lives of the Romanov family, and the story of their tragic deaths, in an account that draws on primary source materials and includes period photography.


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Secret of the Mountain Dog, by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Summary:  An adventure-hungry girl and an enormous Tibetan mastiff share a journey in the Catskill Mountains, where a boy and his teacher seek to reopen an abandoned monastery to find a mysterious statue.


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2015 Nominations are Coming…..

We had a fantastic meeting mid October.  We discussed new fall titles as well as those that had been hanging around for a few months.  Even more importantly, our first 3 nominations will be forthcoming at our October 31 meeting!  Have you been keeping up with our blog comments?  Which titles should we definitely NOT miss in our nominations this year?

Curiosity, by Gary Blackwood

Summary:  In 1835, when his father is put in a Philadelphia debtor’s prison, twelve-year-old chess prodigy Rufus Goodspeed is relieved to be recruited to secretly operate a chess-playing automaton named The Turk, but soon questions the fate of his predecessors and his own safety.


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