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Grow: A Novel in Verse by Juanita Havill

Summary: Two misfit children and other members of a Minneapolis, Minnesota, neighborhood are brought together by a woman creating a community garden. 159 p., Peachtree.

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I'm a librarian at the Eva Perry Regional Library.

2 thoughts on “Grow: A Novel in Verse by Juanita Havill

  1. I do not think this book was fit to make our short list. The plot was cute and I liked the drawings, but this book is not distinguished. I don’t know how many times I have read a book about someone growing a garden in an empty lot, and the idea was not original at all. I also did not like the writing. I am partial to prose, and, although I did not like it, the writing was fine, but it used no interesting words, didn’t use a lot of description. I believe this book does not belong on our short list, even though I liked it.

  2. I didn’t like this book and I agree that it should not be on our short list. There’s just not much to it and it’s very basic. I agree that the idea was not original, but I do think that beginning readers might enjoy this book more than I did.

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