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Smashie McPerter and the Mystery of Room 11, by N. Griffin

Summary: When Room Eleven’s beloved pet hamster, Patches, goes missing, Smashie and her best friend, Dontel, launch an investigation to bring the thief to justice–but they discover that there may be more than one secret.

Holiday House

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Fuzzy Mud, by Louis Sachar

Summary:  Two middle-grade kids take a shortcut home from school and discover what looks like fuzzy mud but is actually a substance with the potential to wreak havoc on the entire world.


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The Looney Experiment, by Luke Reynolds

Summary: The Looney Experiment chronicles one boy’s journey through bullying, first love, and—with the help of an older than dirt and crazier than insanity itself substitute English teacher named Mr. Looney—an up-close examination of the meaning of courage.


Worst Class Trip Ever, by Dave Barry

Summary:   When the eighth grade civics class of Miami’s Culver Middle School goes on a trip to Washington, D.C., Wyatt Palmer finds himself in deep trouble before the plane even lands because his best friend, Matt, has decided the men sitting behind them are terrorists and it is up to the boys to stop them.

Disney Hyperion


Life and Times of Benny Alvarez, by Peter Johnson

Summary:  As his English teacher focuses on poetry during the month of October, Benny faces down the smartest girl at school while also navigating his friendships and a difficult family life after his grandfather’s multiple strokes.


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Like Carrot Juice on a Cupcake, by Julie Sternberg

Like Carrot Juice on a CupcakeSummary:  A new girl at school throws nine-year-old Eleanor’s relationship with her best friend Pearl into disarray.


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The Great Greene Heist, by Varian Johnson

Great Greene HeistSummary: Jackson swore off scheming for good. But Keith is running for school president and Jackson knows he could win the presidency whatever the vote count. Jackson and his friends assemble a crack team and they devise a plan that will take down Keith, win Gaby’s respect, and make sure the election is done right. If they can pull it off, it will be remembered as Maplewood’s greatest scheme ever.


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