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My Zombie Hamster, by Havelock McCreely

My Zombie HamsterSummary:  Matt and his buddies are looking forward to receiving the latest sword-and-fantasy video game. But Matt’s parents have other thoughts—they give him a fluffy little mammal, a hamster called Snuffles, for the holiday.  But the hamster isn’t all that cute—at least not after part of its cheek and belly fall right off—without bothering it a bit! And why is it staring at Matt with black beady eyes and a lean and hungry look?  Say hello to Anti-Snuffles, the zombie hamster! Or better yet, run!


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Scary Tales Home Sweet Horror, by James Preller

Home Sweet HorrorScary Tales #1
Summary:  Meet Liam Finn, who’s just moved into a new home with his father and sister. But this old house that seems empty, isn’t . . . Bloody Mary is here. Called back from the dead by a game, she’s just dying to talk.

Feiwel and Friends

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Now You See Me…, Jane B. Mason

Summary: Best friends Lena and Abby love searching through thrift stores for lost treasures. When they find an old Polaroid camera, they can’t wait to try it out. But the photos that develop are troubling — things that weren’t really there appear in the pictures. 176 p., Scholastic.

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