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Zack Delacruz: Me and My Big Mouth, by Jeff Anderson

Summary:  Zack Delacruz is unnoticed at his middle school—and that’s just the way he likes it. But a school assembly, a typhoon of spit, and an uncharacteristic moment of bravery are all it takes to change everything. Suddenly Zack is in charge of the class fundraiser. Worse, his partner is the school’s biggest bully!

Sterling Children’s Books

Anywhere But Paradise, by Anne Bustard

Summary: In 1960 twelve-year-old Peggy Sue and her family move to the island of Oahu, and she is finding it anything but paradise, because from the first day at school she is bullied and made fun of by the Hawaiian children, and she is worried sick about her beloved cat who is in mandatory quarantine–and then the tsunami hits Hilo where her parents have gone on business.


Attack of the Alien Horde, by Robert Venditti

Miles Taylor and the Golden Cape series
Summary:  After starting at a new school, a nerdy seventh-grader becomes a reluctant superhero.

Simon and Schuster


From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess, by Meg Cabot

Summary:  A middle-grade spinoff of The Princess Diaries, about the long-lost sister of Mia Thermopolis, Princess of Genovia.

Feiwel & Friends

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Public School Superhero, by James Patterson

Summary:  In Kenny Wright’s active imagination he’s a world famous superhero, but in the real world he’s a sixth grade “Grandma’s Boy” whose struggles to fit in at his Washington D.C. inner city school will put his grades and family loyalty to the test.

Little, Brown

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The Rookie Bookie, by L. Jon Wertheim

Rookie BookieSummary:  When seventh-grader Mitch Sloan moves to Jonasburg, Indiana, he uses his exceptional skills in math, money, and sports statistics to make friends–but gets in over his head when he starts a football betting ring.

Little, Brown

The Meaning of Maggie, by Megan Jean Sovern

Meaning of MaggieSummary:  Eleven-year-old Maggie Mayfield is an A-plus student with big plans for herself, but at this moment she is also facing a lot of problems–like starting middle school and figuring out how to help her father who is out of work and in a wheelchair.


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