End of July Meeting

It was great to see most of our group this week!  We welcomed Ms. Linda, our new Teen Librarian, as well.
Our favorite continues to be The War That Saved My Life, and we updated our cart by taking off 14 titles!  During our ‘Speed Reading’ session, we shared a LOT of great books with each other.  We are looking forward to more reading each week.  What is your favorite so far this year?

Mid-July Meeting

It was wonderful to see all the kids who attended this meeting!  Our discussion was on the Newbery criteria “Presentation of Information” and we shared more non-fiction titles.  It seems that so far our front runner for non-fiction is The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.  What is YOUR favorite non-fiction published this year?

Mid-June Meeting

With summer schedules changed now, our readers are into high gear.  Lots of books are flying off our reading cart, so expect more comments very soon!  This meeting was devoted to the Newbery criteria of “Writing Style” and we discussed several aspects of that topic.  Several titles that we compared included:  I am Princess X, Enchanted Air, Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer, The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate, Dear Hank Williams, and Echo.
What titles are you reading that have distinguished writing styles?

June’s First Friday Meeting!

20 of us met Friday for some great sharing and discussion of the Newbery criteria “Theme” as it relates to some of the books we are reading.  Echo, The Island of Dr. Libris, and The Seventh Most Important Thing were all named as having great themes throughout their pages.  Our favorite title continues to be The War that Saved My Life, with 10 kids having read it so far.
What books have you read with great themes this year?

Mid-May meeting, 2015

Good discussion went along with shared opinions Friday!  Everyone was ready to go and prepared with their comments.  Some of the favorite titles shared at this meeting include:
All the Answers by Kate Messner, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, The Bullet Catch, Old Wolf (again), Wish Girl by Nikki Loftin, and repeated accolades for The War That Saved My Life.
There was also some discussion about a few series books and their ability to be qualified for the Newbery Award.
Please feel free to share your own favorites for this year in the Replies box below.

2015 Book Discussions Have Begun!

We had a super meeting Friday with 19 of us sharing the newly published books that we have recently read.  A couple kids read Echo by Ryan and really like this one.  Also Into the Killing Seas, Nooks and Crannies, Old Wolf, The Only Game, Red Butterfly, Under a Painted Sky, Waiting for Unicorns, Wish Girl, and Zodiac were all favorably reviewed.  It sounds like we are already finding some great books this year!  Please feel free to comment on any titles that you have read.

Books published in 2015 – Here We Come!

Our membership roster is being put together from our wait list this month, and we are looking forward to our first meeting scheduled for April 17!

Before our first meeting, please read a previous Newbery winner that you have not yet read.  It’s always great to have distinguished literature fresh on your mind before diving into the new books, isn’t it?  Comment below which official Newbery winner you are choosing to read in the next couple weeks – we would love to know!




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