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Wild at Heart, by Terri Farley

Summary: Mustangs have thrived for thousands of generations. But now they are under attack from people who see them as pests. Courageous young people are trying to stop the round-ups and the senseless killings. They are standing up to the government and big business to save these American icons. With eye witness accounts, cutting-edge science, and full-color photographs, Terri Farley and Melissa Farlow invite readers into the world of mustangs in all its beauty, and profile the young people leading the charge to keep horses wild and free.

Houghton Mifflin

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Pie in the Sky, by Jane Smiley

Summary:  Abby Lovitt is put in charge of training the expensive and haughty horse Pie in the Sky after his owner refuses. While trying to get a hold on him, she must deal with the new challenges, both good and bad, that come with being a freshman in high school in 1970’s Northern California.


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Mercury’s flight: The Story of a Lipizzaner Stallion, by Annie Wedekind

Summary:  In 1930’s Austria, life for Favory Mercurio, a Lipizzaner stallion bearing the crest of the renowned Piber stud, begins with the loss of his mother. From that moment on, the young horse feels different, as if he has a missing piece–even though, he has talent enough to be accepted into the famed Spanish Riding School.

Feiwel and Friends

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Wildwood Stables: Daring to Dream, by Suzanne Weyn

Summary: Taylor Henry loves horses, but her single mom can’t afford riding lessons, much less a horse. So when she discovers an abandoned gelding and pony, Taylor is happy just to be around them. But the rescued animals have nowhere to go, and Taylor is running out of time to find them a good home. Could the empty old barn on Wildwood Lane be the answer? And could Taylor’s wildest dream of a horse to call her own finally be coming true? 163 p., Scholastic.

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A Horse of Her Own by Annie Wedekind

Summary: At summer camp Jane feels like an outsider among the cliquish rich girls who board their horses at Sunny Acres farm, and when the horse she has been riding is sold to another camper, she feels even worse until her teacher asks her to help train a beautiful but skittish new horse, and the experience brings out the best in her. 275p., Feiwel and Friends.

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