Lost in the Sun, by Lisa Graff

Summary:  As Trent Zimmerman struggles to move past a traumatic event that took place several months earlier, he befriends class outcast Fallon Little, who helps him understand that he can move on.


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Fort, by Cynthia DeFelice

Summary: A middle-grade summer adventure about two boys who build an awesome fort and tangle with two older bullies.

Farrar Straus Giroux

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Secret Cookie Club, by Martha Freeman

Summary:  Four very different girls meet at Moonlight Ranch camp and decide to remain friends all year by exchanging letters and home-made cookies, using recipes their counselor’s grandfather passed along.

Simon & Schuster

The Curious Tale of the In-Between, by Lauren DeStefano

Summary: Bright, imaginative, eleven-year-old Pram lives with two aunts who run a retirement home, hiding the fact that she can talk with ghosts–but not the spirit of her mother–and after befriending Clarence, who also lost his mother, she decides to find her father in hopes he can answer her questions.


Dead Boy, by Laurel Gale

Summary:  Crow Darlingson may be dead, but he still loves air hockey, bowling, and drawing. But Crow isn’t like other kids. His body parts fall off at inopportune moments. And he hasn’t been able to sleep in years. Not since waking up from death. And Crow is lonely. When Melody Plympton moves in next door, Crow finally has a chance at friendship and a shot at getting his life back from the mysterious wish-granting creature living in the park. But first there are tests to pass. And it means risking the only friend he’s had in years.

Random House

Drive Me Crazy, by Terra Elan McVoy

Summary: When Lana’s and Cassie’s grandparents marry each other, the girls find themselves stuck together on a crazy summer road trip that will change the course of their friendship and their lives.

Katherine Tegen Books

Kate Walden Directs: Bride of Slug Man, by Julie Mata

Summary: A budding middle school movie director juggles her second feature film and her very first crush.

Disney Hyperion


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