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A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic, by Lisa Papademetriou

Summary: Two girls on opposite sides of the planet connect through a mysterious book, whose phantom narrator guides them into spinning a story about the past that will affect their futures.


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Crenshaw, by Katherine Applegate

Summary: A story about a homeless boy and his imaginary friend that proves in unexpected ways that friends matter, whether real or imaginary.

Feiwel and Friends

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Confessions of an Imaginary Friend, by Michelle Cuevas

Summary: When Jacques Papier discovers he’s imaginary, he sets off on a journey to find his true home.

Dial Books

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Switch, by Ingrid Law

Summary: Gypsy Beaumont’s magical savvy switches to its opposite when she learns that her mean and decidedly non-magical grandma has Alzheimer’s and is going to move in with her family


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A Nearer Moon, by Melanie Crowder

Summary:  Long ago the dam formed, the lively river turned into a swamp, and the wasting illness came to Luna’s village, and now that her little sister is sick Luna will do anything to save her, even offer herself to the creature that lives in the swamp on the day of the nearer moon–a lonely and bitter water sprite who was left behind when her people fled through a door to another world.


Upside-Down Magic, by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and Emily Jenkins

Summary: Nory, Elliott, Andres, and Bax are just four of the students in Dunwiddle Magic School’s Upside-Down Magic class. In their classroom, lessons are unconventional, students are unpredictable, and magic has a tendency to turn wonky at the worst possible moments. Because it’s always amazing, the trouble a little wonky magic can cause . . .



Circus Mirandus, by Cassie Beasley

Summary: When he realizes that his grandfather’s stories of an enchanted circus are true, Micah Tuttle sets out to find the mysterious Circus Mirandus–and to use its magic to save his grandfather’s life.

Dial Books

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