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The Orphan Army by Jonathan Maberry

The Nightsiders#1
Summary:  In the future, bug-like aliens are taking over Earth and young Milo Silk learns through dreams and strange encounters that there are other ancient monsters on the planet that are also threatened by the aliens, and that he may be the hero destined to lead his friends in saving the universe.

Simon and Schuster

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You’ll Like It Here (Everybody Does), by Ruth White

Summary:  Although Meggie Blue seems to be an average sixth-grader she is abnormally frightened when residents of her small, North Carolina town become fixated on aliens, and soon she and her family are forced to flee, making it clear that all is not as it seems.


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Meeting, by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Magic Next Door series

Summary:  Middle school student Maya Andersen and her family move to Oregon, where the residents of the apartment building next to them have magical powers and the basement is a portal to other worlds, which Maya and her secret alien companion, Rimi, must use to track down aliens who snatched Rimi from her home planet in an attempt to rule the universe.