Storm Mountain, by Tom Birdseye

Summary:  Two thirteen-year-old cousins are trapped in a blizzard on the same treacherous mountain in the Cascades that claimed the lives of their world-famous, mountain-climber, twin fathers exactly two years earlier.  256 p., Holiday House.

Murder Afloat, by Jane Leslie Conly

Summary:  In the 1870s, Benjamin Franklin Orville, a boy from a wealthy Baltimore family, is kidnapped and forced to work on an oyster dredger whose captain has no qualms about murdering any crewman who fails to meet his demands.  164 p., Disney/Hyperion.

The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan

Summary:  Jason, Piper, and Leo, three students from a school for “bad kids,” find themselves at Camp Half-Blood, where they learn that they are demigods and begin a quest to free Hera, who has been imprisoned by Mother Earth herself.  553 p., Disney/Hyperion.

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Edgar Allan’s Official Crime Investigation Notebook, by Mary Amato

Summary:  When someone takes a pet goldfish, then other items from Ms. Herschel’s classroom, each time leaving a clue in the form of a poem, student Edgar Allan competes with a classmate to be first to solve the mystery. 140 p., Holiday House.

The Case of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dog, by Martha Freeman

Summary:  Seven-year-old Tessa and ten-year-old Cameron, daughters of the first female president–and owners of a very rambunctious dog–play detective when a baton belonging to the director of the Marine Band goes missing at the White House.

The Candymakers, by Wendy Mass

Summary:  When four twelve-year-olds, including Logan, who has grown up never leaving his parents’ Life Is Sweet candy factory, compete in the Confectionary Association’s annual contest, they unexpectedly become friends and uncover secrets about themselves during the process. 453 p., Little, Brown.

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Belly Up, by Stuart Gibbs

Summary: Twelve-year-old Teddy investigates when a popular Texas zoo’s star attraction–Henry the hippopotamus–is murdered. 294 p., Simon & Schuster.

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Bamboo People, by Mitali Perkins

Summary:  Two Burmese boys, one a Karenni refugee and the other the son of an imprisoned Burmese doctor, meet in the jungle and in order to survive they must learn to trust each other. 272 p., Charlesbridge.

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Penny Dreadful, by Laurel Snyder

Summary: When her father suddenly quits his job, the almost-ten-year-old, friendless Penny and her neglectful parents leave their privileged life in the city for a ramshackle property in the eccentric town of Thrush Junction, Tennessee. 304 p., Random House.

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Lulu and the Brontosaurus, by Judith Viorst

Summary:  Lulu’s parents refuse to give in when she demands a brontosaurus for her birthday and so she sets out to find her own, but while the brontosaurus she finally meets approves of pets, he does not intend to be Lulu’s. 113 p., Atheneum.

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The Smoky Corridor, by Chris Grabenstein

Summary: With the help of his stepmother, his dog Zipper, and new friend Malik, Zack Jennings faces ghosts and zombies at his new middle school, which is said to house a lost Confederate treasure.  326 p., Random House.

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Walls Within Walls, by Maureen Sherry

Summary:  When the Smithfork family moves into a lavish Manhattan apartment building, they discover clues to a decades-old mystery hidden behind the walls of their new home.  349 p., Katherine Tegen Books.

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Guys Read: Funny Business, by Jon Scieszka

Summary: Volume One of the official Guys Read Library. Jon Scieszka’s Guys Read initiative was founded on a simple premise: that young guys enjoy reading most when they have reading they can enjoy. 288 p., HarperCollins.

What Happened on Fox Street, by Tricia Springstubb

Summary: Fox Street means everything to Mo Wren, who is nearly eleven, and so she is very upset when a land developer offers to buy her father’s house, especially since she has not yet found the fox she is sure lives in the nearby ravine.  218 p., Balzer + Bray.

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The Wonder of Charlie Anne, by Kimberly Newton Fusco

Summary:  In a 1930s Massachusetts farm town torn by the Depression, racial tension, and other hardships, Charlie Anne and her black next-door neighbor Phoebe form a friendship that begins to transform their community. 266 p., Alfred A. Knopf.

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