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Kiki and Jacques, by Susan Ross

Summary: Eleven-year-old Jacques, who must contend with difficult family dynamics and pressure from an older boy to help him commit a crime, is surprised to discover that he has much in common with Kiki, one of the many new Somali refugees who have immigrated to his Maine town.

Holiday House


One thought on “Kiki and Jacques, by Susan Ross

  1. I enjoyed this short story and thought it was a fun read, but I wouldn’t really consider it a Newbery because things felt a little too.. rushed. I mean, I understand this because it’s a short book, but I feel things could have been slowed down slightly. Also, in the title Kiki’s name is mentioned but she’s not a major character while Jacques is. So I was a little confused. Either way, this was a cute story, but not my vote for a Newbery award.

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