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The Search for Baby Ruby, by Susan Shreve

Summary: Twelve-year-old Jess O’Fines is resentful that she is expected to watch her baby niece in a Los Angeles hotel room while the rest of her dysfunctional family go off to a wedding rehearsal party — but when Baby Ruby disappears, Jess is convinced she knows who kidnapped her and determined to get her back on her own, whatever the danger.

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2 thoughts on “The Search for Baby Ruby, by Susan Shreve

  1. This was a fantastic mystery/kidnapping book that hooked me by the time I finished the first page. It follows Jess, a girl who is forced to watch a baby instead of going to a party the night before her sister’s wedding. She leaves the baby on the bed while she tries on her older sister’s makeup and wedding dress. When she comes back in, the baby is gone. She alerts her sister- Teddy, who comes to help her. Teddy is a kleptomaniac who was locked up, but allowed to visit for the wedding. Jess is convinced she knows who took Baby Ruby and tries to get her back, but ends up kidnapped. Teddy works with the police to get the two back while Jess tries to escape. This was a great book and I think that it could win the Mock Newbery Award.

  2. I completely agree with Ben–He described the plot-line exactly the way it was, so I’m not going to restate the plot again. I felt that this book was a bit stereotypical, but unique at the same time. I say this because I know I have read many books that deal with kidnappings in my lifetime, but the way this certain story was told differed from the past readings. The way the main character(s) reacted to situations was much different than some of the books I have read before–For example, they were not visible “shaking in terror”, they were all more calm and focused. I personally do not think this will win the Mock Newbery Award, but I agree that it was a pretty great book and deserves more readers, if only for entertainment.

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