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Currents, by Jane Petrlik Smolik

Summary: In 1854 eleven-year-old Bones is a slave in Virginia who sends a bottle holding her real name and a trinket from her long-lost father down the James River–the currents carry it far away, ultimately uniting the lives of three young girls.



One thought on “Currents, by Jane Petrlik Smolik

  1. Comment from Kayla:
    Currents and Echo were similar but Echo was more distinguished. Each book had the same theme of connection. However, Currents’ connection seemed more confusing than Echo’s. All of the characters in Currents were different while the ones in Echo appreciated music but were still unique. The settings and writing style of Currents were bland. Although, I liked how Agnes May and Mary Margaret both experienced and dealt with a separation in different ways.  Overall, this novel is not better than Echo. I would recommend this book to sixth grade.

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