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The Girl in the Torch, by Robert Sharenow

Summary: After her father is killed in a pogrom, twelve-year-old Sarah and her mother immigrate to America–but when her mother dies before they get through Ellis Island, and the authorities want to send her back to the old country, Sarah hides in the torch of the Statue of Liberty.



4 thoughts on “The Girl in the Torch, by Robert Sharenow

  1. This is one of the best books I have ever read. EVER. I especially thought that the character of Maryk was well done. I think that he had a very gruff, sometimes rash, and lonely personality that was very well defined. 10\10!!!

  2. This book was amazingly well done. It is one of my top books. The characters were amazing. I recommend it to all ages as a must read for immigration

  3. I loved this book! The characters were written beautifully and interacted with the plot and the other characters in a way that made you see so much about them. The plot was done so well; it was not one of this stories where the author ties it all up in a neat little package for you. At the end of the book, no drastic change had been made, life was not going to be perfect, but there was hope. This book really leaves you thinking and every element contributes to this amazing work. It could hardly be any better!

  4. I loved how Maryk was written, he was my favorite character. The best part of him was how he evolved in emotions and depth as the plot went on, from the scary and mean night watchman to a man who offered her an escape from having to go back to her country and suffer under a cruel man who believed women were beneath him.

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