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The Forget-Me-Not Summer, by Leila Howland

Summary: Any expectation of summer fun comes crashing down when three sisters’ parents send them to Cape Cod to visit their aunt Sunny. Small-town life is not what these L.A. girls had in mind. They must adjust, however, to things like sharing a room and living without a TV. With the help of Aunt Sunny’s zany disposition and yummy brownies, though, the girls are quickly won over, and before Marigold, Zinnie, and Lily know it, they’re cracking lobster shells at clambakes, making new friends, and even organizing a local talent show.

Harper Collins


One thought on “The Forget-Me-Not Summer, by Leila Howland

  1. The Forget-Me-Not Summer tells the story of three sisters whose summer fun is quickly cut short when they are forced to go to their Aunt Sunny’s for the season. It starts out with them all being disappointed but by the end, everyone is happy and “good”.
    I felt this book was very typical, and did not have a lot of creativity. I felt that I have read books with very similar topics before, many times, and that the plot was not the MOST thought-out. I still think it would make a fun read for ages 9-12, and for grades 4+.
    I personally enjoyed the story, and actually read it twice. So don’t get me wrong, it was a pretty good book! But overall, I do not think it is suited for the Newbery.

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