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Echo, by Pam Munoz

Summary:  Lost in the Black Forest, Otto meets three mysterious sisters and finds himself entwined in a prophecy, a promise, and a harmonica–and decades later three children, Friedrich in Germany, Mike in Pennsylvania, and Ivy in California find themselves caught up in the same thread of destiny in the darkest days of the twentieth century, struggling to keep their families intact, and tied together by the music of the same harmonica.


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8 thoughts on “Echo, by Pam Munoz

  1. Comment from Kayla:
    Echo was an extraordinary story of the connection between multiple characters because of one object; a harmonica. The three main characters (Friedrich, Mike, and Ivy) had different stories and personalities but shared a love of music which entwined their lives; each character affecting the next one to receive the harmonica. The setting and writing style didn’t exactly stand out like Old Wolf and Wish Girl. This novel has many themes and I think some of them might be music and connection.  Echo’s themes were very beautiful and made you think about them. At first, it was slightly annoying to meet the next character after a shocking moment with the last one. Although the way each story came together at the end made up for it. Echo is distinguished and has a chance at winning the Newbery. I would recommend this book for all middle school grades.

  2. I agree with Kayla about it being annoying that it shifted characters right at a moment that you were full of suspense and that made me half want to stop reading it but I kept going. I liked how the harmonica connected their lives because to a lot of people a harmonica is just a toy, but in Echo it wasn’t. The characters were my favourite because of the thought that was put into them. I also enjoyed the plot, but I found it hard to follow sometimes because of the changes that happened so fast.
    I enjoyed reading it, but I’m not quite sure if it’s a Newbery winner.

  3. I think echo is worthy of the Newbery award. It is distinguished and detailed, deep and descriptive. All of the separate stories are tied together with the harmonica, and characters come together in the end. I would recommend this book for all people who want a good read.

  4. Echo is one of my top books this year. I loved the way that all of the stories tied together in the end. I disagree with Sarah and Kayla about how shifting characters at suspenseful moments is annoying- I thought it made the story stronger because it makes the ending more memorable. The plot is definitely distinguished, and the settings are very well described. The harmonica was almost like a character in the way that it encouraged their musical abilities and brought the characters together in the end. All the characters were different. I have to say that this book is “good and deep.” I would definitely recommend it for Newbery.

    1. I read your comment over and over again before I realized yeah, you’re right… I do think that it did make the ending a lot more memorable, and I guess, thinking back, that that may have been the one thing that made me keep going – Wondering what happened to the characters, I guess because I cared(?). At least for me, the ending was the best part. So I guess I’m kinda joining your side, ha!
      Also, I thought about it more and decided this is my favourite book in the club so far, and for the question of “Is it a Newbery winner?” I can confidently say yes, with no regrets.

  5. I couldn’t agree more with Sarah and Kayla on everything except for on one point. I didn’t think that the switching characters was annoying. I did quit reading the book for a week after Mike’s section ended because it gave the impression that he died. I am glad that I finished it though. Echo is a moving novel that’s characters and theme are it’s strength. I have never been so convinced that a book is going to win a Mock Newbery award and also maybe even the real Newbery Award. Nothing I’ve read so far is even on the same level as Echo in theme and characters. This is going to be the Mock Newbery winner for sure in my mind.

  6. I defiantly think Echo could win the Newbery award this year. Actually it is my favorite book I have read so far! I love how all the stories follow the harmonica all the way until the end where they all conclude as the characters play in the same orchestra. My favorite quality is how you get attached with all the characters so that you understand their emotions, choices, and motivations. I believe Echo is a top contender for the 2015-2016 Newbery honor.

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