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Blue Birds, by Caroline Starr Rose

Summary: As tensions rise between the English settlers and the Native peoples on Roanoke Island, twelve-year-old Alis forms an impossible friendship with a native girl named Kimi.


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2 thoughts on “Blue Birds, by Caroline Starr Rose

  1. Blue Birds is about to young girls from rival people groups. They are attracted to each other and form a forbidden friendship. The unique poetry captures so much. Each word has a specific purpose and helps to build a strong overall meaning. In this case, poetry was an appropriate style. The poetry revealed so much more than regular format ever could. This in-verse novel was both touching and satisfying. I enjoyed this book but I’m not sure yet whether or not this will be Newbery material because I’ve only read about fifteen books so far.

  2. Comment from Kayla:
    Blue Birds was a splendid read and a beautiful story. The writing style was perfect, making me feel like I was seeing through Kimi’s and Alice’s eyes. The plot consisted of just one problem but the author’s writing made it seem as if there were ten. All of the characters were distinguished. The simple theme of friendship was very powerful throughout the novel. You could see how friendship can be strong, fragile, and life changing. This book is in my top 5 and should be considered for the Newbery award!

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