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Goblins on the Prowl by Bruce Coville

Summary: When an accidental spell brings a mysterious stone toad to life, and it hops away with her human friend William between its jaws, Fauna must use her magic and her wits to save him, embarking on a journey through dangerous lands filled with fearsome giants, talking bears, and packs of rogue goblins.



One thought on “Goblins on the Prowl by Bruce Coville

  1. This is a good fantasy/action book that is actually a sequel to Goblins in the Castle, but it stood alone. While it was an enjoyable read, the plot is similar to several other books I’ve read so it does not distinguish itself as a Newbery award candidate in my mind. There is some character development, but it’s a little weak. The setting was very well described. I could picture where the characters were in my mind. I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about goblins.

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