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Attack of the Alien Horde, by Robert Venditti

Miles Taylor and the Golden Cape series
Summary:  After starting at a new school, a nerdy seventh-grader becomes a reluctant superhero.

Simon and Schuster



2 thoughts on “Attack of the Alien Horde, by Robert Venditti

  1. I really enjoyed this superhero book. The graphic bits were a little bit distracting, although they helped to distinguish whether the main character was in superhero mode or not. While I would not recommend it for the Newbery award, I would recommend this book to middle schoolers who like action-packed superhero books. (Elementary kids may find the aliens a bit scary.)

  2. Like Philip, I enjoyed it too, but I didn’t find it worthy of a Newbery at all. On the other hand, I liked the comic because it gave me a more visual interpretation of the story. I believe that this story is suitable for 4th-5th graders and above, because the way the aliens were shown made them seem a lot more humorous than scary.. Overall this is not a Newbery winner, but could be a fun read.

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