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The Trap, by Steven Arntson

Summary:  In 1963, when twins Henry and Helen and their best friends, Alan and Nicki, try to find Alan’s missing brother, Carl, they stumble into the knowledge of their “subtle forms” that can separate from their physical bodies, and into a criminal’s plot to make himself immortal–at any expense.

Houghton Mifflin

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One thought on “The Trap, by Steven Arntson

  1. Comment from Kayla:
    The setting is my favorite criteria of this book. You could see how their world was double-sided; subtle and normal. Going through the subtle world was an adventure/mystery while the normal world was rough but still home. The characters were typical and the crushes between some of them didn’t cause the drama that was wanted. The plot was hard to understand and was just weird. This book is not Newbery but could be recommended to seventh grade boys.

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