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2 1/2 more weeks to read!!

We are desperately trying to finish cramming as many books in as possible, and re-read some as well, before our final decision night, January 30, 2015!!  Please read with us.  We welcome your comments on those titles that you read.  It’s coming soon….


One thought on “2 1/2 more weeks to read!!

  1. I read All four Stars by: Jara Dairman, Bird by: Crystal Chan, and The paper cowboy by: Kristine Levine.

    One book I read was All four Stars. I did not enjoy it because the plot is overly focused on cooking and the character gets too upsest with cooking. The author could have done a better job with a better story line because I don’t like how the author talked a lot about Glady having a big experience with cooking and I want to know if the New York standard Newspaper wants Glady to run her own Bistro, how can this put a strong affect on her education and how upset will her parents feel if they ever found out Glady has fashion in her cooking skills when they hate it so much?

    The next book I read was Bird. I really loved It. I thought the author did a good job with the plot and the characters and I really liked how actions were described by other characters in the story and how everyone felt as well as the mood and actions of the characters in the story because this made me feel something got into the character like when Jewels grandpa killed bird, he has been very quiet and this makes me feel like the grandpa has feelings for John after he got killed and this can put a strong affect on Jewel since she never knew her brother.

    The last book I read was The paper Cowboy. It was one of the best books I have read. The author did a really good job of using a lot of mood because when you continue to read the story, you will know what type of characters their are in the story and if the change towards the end. Another thing I liked about the book was the roll Tommy played which was a bully because when he got caught robbing Mr. McKenzie’s neighborhood store, you will know how bad Tommy is. When I read the summary of the book I had feelings for Tommy because of his sisters accident and his moms depression. But, when I read the story, I changed about Tommy and I started to hate him.

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