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Rain Reign, by Ann Martin

Summary:  Struggling with Asperger’s, Rose shares a bond with her beloved dog, but when the dog goes missing during a storm, Rose is forced to confront the limits of her comfort levels, even if it means leaving her routines in order to search for her pet.

Feiwel and Friends

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2 thoughts on “Rain Reign, by Ann Martin

  1. This book is touching in many ways. Rose, the main character, is a girl who loves homonyms and prime numbers. She’s thrilled that her name, Rose, has a homonym—rows—and she gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms (reign and rein), which she believes makes the name special. Rose has also been diagnosed with high-functioning autism, or Asperger’s syndrome. It’s very important to her that she has a routine and that rules are followed, and it’s something that her father neither understands nor appreciates.
    The characters in this book were not only developed in the way that I understood how they felt and why they acted as they did, but they were also developed in the sense that they completed a transformative journey throughout the book. For example, Rose, who is twelve but still in fifth grade, is looked down upon by her younger classmates at the beginning of the year. However, as the year goes on, her classmates accept Rose for who she is and she begins to make friends. That was a really sweet part of the book, and those were some of my favorite scenes.
    The writing style was probably my favorite part of this book. It’s in first person, and Rose has a very distinct voice. Her feelings were not described, they were shown, and even if Rose didn’t explain exactly the reason why she felt as she did, I still understood precisely the reason she was upset, or happy, or afraid. I truly felt as if I were in Rose’s head, going through everything she was going through, and that is quite a feat for an author. And although this book may not seem like a deep story at first glance, the writing makes a simple plot feel even more meaningful.
    This book is absolutely distinguished, and it’s in my Top Four for the Mock Newbery.

  2. This book is definitely in my Top 3 and distinguished as well. The storyline was very touching and made me reread this book multiple times. The characters were very relatable, the setting made me feel as if I was there watching, and the plot simply blew me away. I think more people should read this, for the club or just for fun. I guarantee you will adore this book. It should definitely be a winner!

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