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Copper Magic, by Julia Mary Gibson

Summary:  The year is 1906, and twelve-year-old Violet Blake unearths an ancient talisman–a copper hand–beside the stream where her mother used to harvest medicine. Violet’s touch warms the copper hand and it begins to reveal glimpses of another time. Violet is certain that the copper hand is magic–and if anyone is in need of its powers, it’s Violet. Surely the magic of the copper hand can make things right for Violet and restore her fractured family. Violet makes a wish. But her ignorant carelessness unleashes formidable powers–and her attempts to control them jeopardizes not only herself, but the entire town of Pigeon Harbor.

Tom Doherty Books

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2 thoughts on “Copper Magic, by Julia Mary Gibson

  1. This book was a fun read. I liked the story and how Violet befriends many people like the missionary’s daughter while trying to get the hand. The plot was my favorite part because it made this book interesting like when Violet works as a photographer helper. The theme was confusing because you think it’s hope, but then she gets hope from the hand and bad things start happening. Although this book is not my favorite, I would suggest it as a fun read.

  2. I pretty much agree with Kayla. I very much enjoyed the plot but I DID think the theme was a good asset. I thought the theme was “where to put your hope” since there were so many good friends Violet had who would support her but instead she put her faith in the copper hand to bring her mother and brother back but she ended up hurting everyone she loved instead. I would definitely recommend this as a fun read but it is not my favorite for the Newbery Award

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