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Nuts to You, by Lynne Rae Perkins

Summary:  After surviving being carried off by a hawk, a young squirrel resolves to find his way home, as his best friends begin their search for him.


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One thought on “Nuts to You, by Lynne Rae Perkins

  1. There are so many plots in this book! First it’s that Jed is carried off by a hawk, escapes, and his friends Chai and TsTs (the book said that squirrels pronounce this with two tongue clicks, so I had to click my tongue even to think this name) go to find him. They meet the red squirrels (who have a funny accent) and then trees are cut down, so they have to go warn the gray squirrels whose nests are going to be cut down next. But Chai, TsTs and Jed are separated, so then they have to find each other again. Then they have to actually warn the squirrels, and they meet Tchke, red squirrel who goes with them and THEN they have to go get all the gray squirrels to safety. See what I mean?
    The chapters are like two-to-three pages long and it’s always the squirrel the author ‘talked to’ (if you read it, you’ll get it) telling the story but it switched between the adventures of everyone without a pattern, so it feels kind of jumbled.
    The characters are obviously squirrels, and you could see the squirrel’s point of view. Their interactions were always like “please can we go look for Jed?” “But a hawk took him, he’s dead.” “I saw him fall, please?” “Fine.” That’s what it felt like to me.
    The setting wasn’t very well described but I liked how the squirrels have names for everything. There was the giant egg, which I’m still trying to figure out, the giant spider webs (?) which in a picture looked like the Eifel Tower but I’m pretty sure it was something else? There were a few more, too. In the descriptions, it sounded like something was not that far but while the squirrels were traveling, it seemed like it was about miles away.
    This book was somewhat a fun read but however, I don’t think it’s Newbery worthy because I have read much better books so far.

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