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Half a World Away, by Cynthia Kadohata

Half a World AwaySummary:  Twelve-year-old Jaden, an emotionally damaged adopted boy fascinated by electricity,  feels a connection to a small, weak toddler with special needs in Kazakhstan, where Jaden’s family is trying to adopt a “normal” baby.



2 thoughts on “Half a World Away, by Cynthia Kadohata

  1. This book was really good. It was always interesting learning about Kazakhstan and Jaden, an adopted kid from Romania. The author connected many events or things in the book to the theme. For example, Jaden compared electricity and love, which was the theme. This book’s strongest criteria was probably the setting because you could explore Kazakhstan through events, descriptions, and characters. The events were very exciting like when Jaden got to see a live eagle. This book was very heartfelt. This would make a great, and fun read. I would suggest this book for 10 year olds.

  2. This book was very well written, and I liked how Jaden felt the connection to the toddler with special needs instead of the “perfect” baby his parents wanted… It kind of shows how you need to put others needs first before your own: They wanted the “perfect” baby, but the toddler needed help. I also enjoyed the realistic setting and how the author compared love and electricity: they are both very, very strong when understood/used correctly.

    Overall I think this book is more of a Newbery honor book instead of a winner because I think some parts could have been written a little better but I think it was a really good read. I recommend it for 9-10 year olds (4-5th grade).

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