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The Swift Boys and Me, by Kody Keplinger

Swift Boys and MeSummary: Nola Sutton has always been friends with the Swift boys, Cannaan, Brian, and Kevin, but when their father leaves them without saying good-bye the boys start to change, and her long-time friends begin to pull away from her at a time when she needs them more than ever.


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2 thoughts on “The Swift Boys and Me, by Kody Keplinger

  1. This book is about a girl named Nola . Her best friends father leaves without saying good bye, and It breaks the boys. Nola has to cope with all the changes that happens, find out how to get her friends back, and stay true to herself. I really liked the book because it is a complete story and fun to read . I give the book a yes.

  2. This book is about a girl Nola. She just finished 6th grade and life is going very good, but once her best friend’s father leaves the boys without even saying goodbye it crushes them. She has to learn how to deal with the changes, and how to get her best friends back.
    The plot was solid because it did a great job building up to the climax and resolving it. It was uniform and flowed with occasional twists. It was very easy to relate to the characters and understand their emotion. The overall book was cliché-ish. I’ve read a lot of books with the same plot and similar characters. It was not unique in the sense of standing out and catching my attention. Even though it was well written, setting it to Newberry standard I say no.

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