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Nanny X, by Madelyn Rosenberg

Nanny XSummary:  Ten-year-old Alison and eight-year-old Jake discover that their nanny is working undercover to catch criminals.

Holiday House



One thought on “Nanny X, by Madelyn Rosenberg

  1. One thing I found out while reading this is why there’s an X on the cover.
    This book is about Ali, Jake, and Eliza getting a new nanny who’s super crazy: talking into diapers and knowing everything about them crazy. One day, they go to this protest to save the park and the mayor is hit in the head with a coconut, and I think is knocked out. So the whole plot of the book is about trying to capture the person who hit the mayor on the head with a coconut. When I read the back, it said they got caught in a plot to uncover stolen diamonds but the only thing the book mentions about diamonds is in the last few chapters, so it feels like they weren’t looking for the diamonds and only found them accidentally. Plus the bad guy has (had) and army of chimpanzees to do his bidding.
    The writing style made the book feel like the author was trying to be funny, but it was not funny at all. It felt like the author was just making up the book as she went along, which subtracted from the book itself. It was really random.
    So basically, unless you really, REALLY like coconut smoothies, this book is definitely not our winner. Even if you love coconuts, this book still might not appeal to you. I say NO for Newbery.

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