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The Fire Wish, by Amber Lough

Fire WishSummary:  When a princess captures a jinn and makes a wish, she is transported to the fiery world of the jinn, while the jinn must take her place in the royal court of Baghdad.

Random House


One thought on “The Fire Wish, by Amber Lough

  1. This book is about two seemingly unconnected girls, Najwa and Zayele, and how their lives eventually connect. Najwa is a jinni and can grant wishes, and Zayele is a tribe-girl who is picked to be the prince’s wife. When Zayele meets Najwa, she wishes that instead of marrying the prince she could go home, and suddenly their lives trade places, with Zayele in the jinni village and Najwa in the palace getting ready to marry the prince.
    I thought that because of the element of trading lives, the book was a little confusing, especially because the perspective switched between the two girls (in first person) and they were each pretending to be the other girl and going by each other’s names. That made it so I sometimes had to flip back to the start of the chapter and double check which girl was narrating, which took me out of the story.
    This book is also apparently the first in a series, and at the end there’s a slight cliffhanger that makes me think the book may not be completely qualified for the Mock Newbery.

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