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Memory Maze, by Gordan Korman

Memory MazeThe Hypnotists #2
Summary:  Jackson Opus and his family have been forced into hiding because his identity as a powerful young hypnotist has been leaked out–but his enemy Dr. Mako is still out to find him to use his mesmerizing skills for evil purposes.


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One thought on “Memory Maze, by Gordan Korman

  1. This book is about a young hypnotist, Jax, who is hiding from an evil hypnotist, who of course finds Jax again and a whole crop of new problems arise.
    The characters were probably the weakest part of this book. As the second book in a series, all the characters, mostly boys, seemed to already have their attachments to each other and didn’t develop further. I haven’t read the first book in the series, and the characters made that noticeable.
    Also, this book has kind of a cliffhanger ending, so I don’t think it stands alone very well in regards to the next book in the series.
    I would recommend this book for sixth- and seventh-grade boys as a fun adventure story, but I don’t think it will win the Mock Newbery.

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