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The Doll Graveyard, by Lois Ruby

Doll GraveyardSummary:  The most chilling thing about Shelby’s new home is the cemetery someone’s built out back. The graves are tiny, only big enough for dolls. AND THE DOLLS WON’T STAY BURIED.  If Shelby can help the dolls find peace, she and her family might actually be happy at Cinder Creek. But if she can’t, the dolls will have their revenge.



2 thoughts on “The Doll Graveyard, by Lois Ruby

  1. So happy to see my book on your blog! I hope this gentle horror story creeps a bunch of kids out. Wait’ll you see the weird doll I’m taking to school visits!

  2. I read this book and I didn’t think it was very good. I didn’t establish any kind of connection to the characters, I’ve read many books with the same topic, and I understood from reading part of it that it was supposed to be scary, but instead I found it lacking.

    All in all I do not think this is Newbery material.

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