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The Blood Guard, by Carter Roy

Blood GuardSummary:  Thirteen-year-old Ronan Truelove learns that he is a member of the Blood Guard, a secret society sworn to protect the pure, and must use his skills to save his kidnapped father, the girl of his dreams, and the world.

Two Lions

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3 thoughts on “The Blood Guard, by Carter Roy

  1. This book was very fast-paced, which I liked. There wasn’t a dull moment; the main characters were always being chased, chasing someone, or fighting after the chase was over. It made for an exciting read.
    This book was also very funny, and I think that humor is always good in a book. The spots of humor accented the drama of the sword fights, and the jokes also gave me information about the characters without making me feel like the information-giving was out of place.
    I would say that this is a contender if not for the end. The book is clearly going to be part of a series, and although some problems are solved within this book, there are larger problems which I have to assume will be fixed in the following books.

  2. It was very interesting and exciting, and I enjoyed reading it, though i don’t think this is a Newbery contender because it was rather fast-paced and was like a stereotypical superhero or books that have people with powers that are very common, which does not make it distinguished, in my opinion. i did really like it and, although it is not Newbery material, i do recommend this just as a fun read.

  3. I enjoyed this book. It was very intense and action packed with bits of witty humor to break it up. The plot could have been improved with some more detail, but the actions of the characters were pretty well explained. The characters in general were likable and developed, even though there were a few characters introduced very late in the book. As for the setting, it was adequately described, albeit unimaginatively. Overall the book was a fun read and pretty well described. However, there is definitely going to be a sequel. I don’t think that this book is right for Newbery.

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