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Bird, by Crystal Chan

BirdSummary:  Twelve-year-old Jewel was born on the day her brother Bird died and lives in a house of silence and secrets, but a new boy in her Iowa town may help find the answers Jewel wants despite her Jamaican grandfather’s warning that he is a “duppy,” a malevolent spirit.


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7 thoughts on “Bird, by Crystal Chan

  1. I really loved this book!
    I could picture all the characters and felt like I knew them. I could understand why Jewel was upset at certain things and I felt betrayed by other characters along with her (I won’t reveal when).
    The writing style allowed me to get right into the scenes with Jewel and that helped me connect even more with the other characters.
    The setting was also pretty important in this book, and I could picture the setting clearly.
    Overall, I think this book is definitely something to consider.

    1. This book is definitely a contender. The writing style is perfectly suited to the book’s setting, characters, and plot. Although the death of the main character’s brother and the ongoing subject of angry spirits may seem to grim, the theme of family and love prevailed. I was also able to relate to all of the characters and that caused me to become emotionally invested in this book. You find yourself laughing, crying, and gasping along with the characters. In conclusion, this book was a sad, yet grasping book that balanced all of its themes, problems, and solutions perfectly.

  2. -Kayla
    I love this book. In this book the characters develop referring to all of them actually. I could feel how Jewel felt. I like how her relationship changes with her grandfather and her life changes when she becomes friends with John or Eugene. I also like the mysterious beliefs of her family and how it was added to the story, but at the end they put the conclusion of family. This book has to be one of my favorites so far!!!

  3. All he while I was reading this book I was thinking, this feels like a Newbery, and the further I read on, this feeling was confirmed by the writing style, characters, and theme.
    In my opinion, the writing style was the best aspect of it. The author wrote in such a beautiful and perfect way so that all the feelings in this book came across as strong and true. When the author was describing anything, from a person to a tree to a stone, she did it in such a lovely and memorable way so that you could picture it. Because the writing style was so skilled, the characters were relatable even in moments of terrible anger or great loss and betrayal, even when most everyone hated each other, deeply, and perhaps silently. Characteristics certainly take their time to appear in people which I thought was perfect for the story. You see the grandpa being angry and hateful for a large part of the book so that when his gentleness and sorrow peeks through you understand his entire person—the one behind the mask.
    This book tells of how everyone in this world has a connectedness- to friends, to enemies, to siblings, to parents, to nature, to God, almost as if all these things are a part of the person. And when a person is deprived of part of themselves, due to anger or maybe even upset spirits like duppies, life is not happy; life is lacking. And sometimes it seems as if the scattered pieces of your prior life, or happier self, will never be put back together. However, they can be and this book could not have illustrated this heartfelt theme any better. Not only does this novel outshine the few others I have read so far this year, but I believe it is quite distinguished enough to even win the Newbery or at least remain my winner until the end.

  4. I really loved this book so much, and as soon as I finished it (the same day I started it because I was so into it I couldn’t tear myself away), I knew it was definitely a Newbery or at the very minimum, a Newbery honor. You can clearly see and understand the characters and how they feel, almost as if they were *real* people, and the settings are well described, so at points you can really imagine being there. I believe this book is a Newbery contender and seriously recommend it.

  5. Well o far this has been my favorite Newbery club book this year. Everything about it was fantastic. You could tell by the way the author described the characters and had one main plot instead of more than one plot. You could get the full feeling and understanding of the plot because more than one could get confusing. Overall, this has been my favorite book and definitely a Newbery.

  6. I couldn’t say it any better than Olivia! I could connect deeply to all of the characters and found myself trying to wrestle my emotions into control while reading! This is definitely one of my top books!

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