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Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, by Sheila Turnage

Ghosts of Tupelo LandingSummary:  When Miss Lana accidentally buys a haunted inn at the Tupelo Landing town auction, Desperado Detectives–aka Mo LoBeau and her best friend Dale–opens up a paranormal division to solve the ghost’s identity before the town’s big 250th anniversary bash.

Katherine Tegen

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2 thoughts on “Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, by Sheila Turnage

  1. This book is about a sixth-grader called Mo and her friends Dale and Harm and their detective agency. Mo, Dale, and Harm have to interview someone old for a school project and so they decide to interview a ghost. The main plot in the book is about trying to get the ghost to come out from hiding and talk to them, and to prove the ghost exists in the first place.
    The writing style was my favorite part of this book. It was really funny and informative, and it told all the information you needed in a way that didn’t make it seem boring. That’s important, as this book is the second in a series. I haven’t read the first book, but the fact that this story didn’t connect too much to the first book and that what little information was needed was given in an enjoyable way made this book make perfect sense.
    I also liked the setting and the characters. I could picture the town of Tupelo Landing and everyone in it; both were three-dimensional.
    I liked this book, but I’m still undecided as to whether it will win the Mock Newbery.

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