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Gameworld, by C. J. Farley

GameWorldSummary:  It turns out that Dylan is the greatest gamer anyone has ever seen, and his skills unlock a real-life fantasy world inside the contest game Xamaica. Now actual monsters are trying to kill him, and he is swept up into an adventure along with his sister, his best friend, and the privileged daughter of Mee Corp.’s chief inventor.  In order to save his sister and his friends, Dylan must solve a dangerous mystery in three days and uncover secrets about Xamaica, his family, and himself.

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One thought on “Gameworld, by C. J. Farley

  1. Gameworld follows the adventures of twelve year old Dylan as he travels through his favorite game. Very early in the story, it is established that the game is coming alive and is entering the real world. However that is never addressed as a problem. Dylan’s conflict is the struggle to find his sister who has been lost in the game. The other characters are searching to find the endless wealth of an ancient witch. I found it very strange that the “game coming alive” problem was not the main problem. Also, the game, Xamaica, featured lots of creatures that were said to be a part of Jamaican folk lore. However, i looked a few of these creatures up and one of them had German backgrounds, not Jamaican. The book moved too fast and all minor obstacles and problems were solved way too easily. Although it did have some humor that I enjoyed, I would not recommend this book for Newbery.

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