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Immortal Max, by Lutricia Clifton

Immortal MaxSummary:  Twelve-year-old Sam dreams of owning a purebred puppy, convinced they are superior to a mongrel like Max, the family’s ancient pet. Sam decides to take a job walking dogs in  the fancy gated community in his rural town. There he clashes with Justin, a rich, pampered “burbie” who owns just the kind of dog Sam wants: a sable German Shepherd. Justin is determined to get Sam fired and destroy his dream. Their feud, echoing the conflict between rich city transplants and the townies, escalates into violence. But maybe old Max can help to save the day.

Holiday House



2 thoughts on “Immortal Max, by Lutricia Clifton

  1. Immortal Max tells the amazing story of a dog whose owner dreams of having a purebred German Shepherd like the rich urban citizens. Sam decides to start walking dogs for the rich people, but a rich boy from Sam’s school wants to stop him, and he starts going out of his way to harm Sam. But their fighting leads to tragedy.

    This sweet story was definitely Newbery material, and I really enjoyed reading it. I believe this fits the standards for the Newbery medal or at least the Honor.

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