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Lost Children of the Far Islands, by Emily Raabe

Lost Chlildren of the Far IslandsSummary:  After their mother falls mysteriously ill, eleven-year-old twins Gus and Leo and their mute younger sister, Ila, learn that they share their mother’s ability to transform into animals, and in order to defeat the evil King of the Black Lakes, they must harness this newfound power.


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3 thoughts on “Lost Children of the Far Islands, by Emily Raabe

  1. Lost Children of the Far Islands follows three siblings, Leo, Gus, and Ila. Mysterious occurrences upset their happy lifestyle and their mother falls ill. Desperate and afraid, the kids encounter a sea mink/messenger of their strange grandmother and he takes them to the Far Islands where they learn of a hidden monster, a lost people, and a fatal curse. Emily Raabe did a fantastic job with the setting in this book. She describes all of the sights, sounds, and feelings of the outdoors in an extraordinary way. However the feelings of the characters were not as gracefully described. Also, the characters were underwhelmed by all of the magic situations(making them unrelatable)
    There were three possible themes that I found in the book and she did a good job incorporating all of these themes into the story.
    Theme 1: Being Left Out.
    Theme 2: Learning to Stand On Your Own.
    Theme 3: Bravery.
    This book was very descriptive, entertaining, and original. I would recommend it for Newbery.

  2. Lost Children of the Far Islands is an exciting story about three siblings, Gus, Leo and Ila. The book takes you on an adventure to save the last of their kind, defeat a great evil and save the day.
    This book was very unique. Emily Raabe did a great job describing the setting, it was very easy to picture in detail.
    The plot was very deep and creative. There was a great climax with lots of action throughout.
    However, the main characters were flat. I never really felt there emotion towards the situation. Also, like Ellie said, they reacted underwhelmed. They never freaked out or showed confusion to the new information. I mean…if a sea mink came and got me in the middle of the night to take me to this magical lady on a remote island to teach me how to defeat this evil monster… i would do more than just ask some questions. Therefore, it made me feel unconnected.

    (sorry for the critique)

    Overall, I enjoyed the story plot. The ending had me itching to turn the page! It was well written and fun to read. I would recommend this to ages 12 and up and think Lost Children of the Far Island is Newbery quality.

  3. Lost Children of the Far Islands was a very interesting book due to the plot of shape shifters, a mysterious grandmother, and a dark, evil creature known as the King of the Black Lakes. This story was very exciting but Leo and Gus were very hard to relate to when something magical happened. I liked how the author put some Irish legends in the story like the kelpies. Also the author waited for the last couple pages to make Leo and Gus actually get to the King of the Black Lakes lair. While the book was interesting I do not think it is a Newbery winner because Leo and Gus are not relatable characters and the author waited until the last couple of pages for the action.

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