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Middle School Cool, by Maiya Williams

Middle School CoolSummary:  Reporters for an experimental middle school’s student newspaper face an ethical dilemma when they uncover a shocking secret about their eccentric principal that could tarnish the reputation of their beloved Kaboom Academy if revealed.


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One thought on “Middle School Cool, by Maiya Williams

  1. This book is a very fun read with lots of crazy inventions, and it’s also a nice story about not always believing in stereotypes and opening yourself up to new friends. There are eight main characters, all taking a journalism class at a private school run by an eccentric man called Dr. Kaboom. Each student is pretty stereotypical: there’s the bully, the mean girl, the quiet kid, and the twins who can read each other’s minds. But as each character’s chapter is revealed, you slowly learn something about each student that breaks them out of the stereotype.
    This book is basically built to be funny and entertaining, and let its readers have lots of laughs. It’s a fun book to read and I’d recommend it to middle-schoolers, but as to being Mock Newbery worthy, I’ll have to say no.

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