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The Witch’s Island, by Zoe Griffin

Witchs IslandSummary: Melody Spring is a normal fifteen-year-old girl living in a tiny town in Indonesia. But when Melody and her best friends Claire and Sky find out that an evil enchantress called the Witch Greene lives on a nearby island and plans to take over their town, their lives change forever.  The three girls undertake the task of defeating the witch and saving their town, but is the Witch Greene really the end of their problems, or is she just a pawn in a much bigger game?

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One thought on “The Witch’s Island, by Zoe Griffin

  1. This book was a very quick read with realistic characters and an interesting idea for a plot. I wish this book would have had a little more description regarding the setting, it would have given me a better feel for the story as a whole. The plot felt a little rushed and somewhat jumbled, but the mystery was there. Not Newbery worthy, but a good effort.

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