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Running Out of Night, by Sharon Lovejoy

Running out of NightSummary:  Longing for her own freedom, a girl called Lark decides to run away from her family, and she and Zenobia set off on a harrowing journey. Running by night, hiding by day, the girls are pursued by Lark’s pa and brothers and by ruthless slave catchers. Brightwell, another runaway slave, joins them, and the three follow secret signs to a stop on the Underground Railroad. When the hideout is raided and Zenobia and Brightwell are captured, Lark sets out alone to rescue her friends.

Random House



13 thoughts on “Running Out of Night, by Sharon Lovejoy

  1. Why do authors spend long, long periods of time alone and grappling with a world filled with make believe characters who don’t always behave? So that someday, somehow, a young reader will pick up their book and say, “Wow, this is cool. I like this.” That’s why we work hard and fill our pages with our passion and love.

    1. I know a lot of young readers will be picking this up and loving it!! And I too am sure it will be a movie (didn’t I say that the night you told us all about it?). Can’t wait to read it!!!

  2. I read the book and couldn’t put it down. Quite an imagination Sharon Lovejoy has. I could see this as a movie.

    1. Lynn, Your read the advance reader copy too and things have changed (gotten better) in the final. What a great journey it was for me. Thanks for taking the time to leave your pearls of wisdom!

      1. Ms. Lovejoy, this group also has an advance reader copy. If you would like us to read the final version, we would be happy to receive a donation from you. Just a thought, as we are determining our own Mock Newbery awards this year.

  3. Ms. Martha, Yes, I’d be happy to send you a final/hardcover version of Running Out of Night. Could you possibly remind me in late October? Thanks Ms. M. I commend you for your love of books and for sharing that with the children.

  4. I heard this novel unfold during it’s formation, and it is a treat! Sharon Lovejoy packs history, drama, tension, believable characters and a great story into this volume. I think adults will like this as much a young readers. I certainly did!

    1. Wow Lorin, thank you so much for your comment. Your input was a huge help to me for all the years I worked on Running Out of Night. Of course, we all first knew it as Trouble Girl. All best,


  5. Running Out of Night is an informative, yet exciting book. Throughout the book, the reader learns about the hardships and fears that people on the Underground Railroad faced. However, this history lesson is made exciting by the numerous adventures and chases that the main character, Lark, endures. This book also explored how suffering and abuse during that time was happening to children and families of all races and backgrounds. The book also contains a beautiful message about standing up for your friends. Most stories are either plot-driven(exciting plot) or character-driven(developed characters), but I felt that this story was both! Sharon Lovejoy did a fantastic job!

    1. Ellie M. A harvest basket full of blessings to you for your insightful comments about Running Out of Night. Thank you so very much. You made my month.

      It is difficult to spend years and thousands of hours with a book and then wait for years before it is in the hands of readers. During that interim period there are so many doubts and worries. I want only for children to identify with these children and to feel empathy and love. Finally, I want children to realize that freedom has many meanings and we can never take it for granted, no matter what our color or ethnicity.

      Thanks again Ellie M. You’re a peach.


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