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The Sittin’ Up, by Shelia Moses

Sittin' UpSummary:  When the patriarch of twelve-year-old Bean’s sharecropping community dies, Bean gets a lesson in not only what it means to lose someone you love, but also in how his family and friends care for their dead.


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2 thoughts on “The Sittin’ Up, by Shelia Moses

  1. In this book, I really felt like I was there. The writing style gave off that countryside feel, which helped the setting a lot. The book seemed realistic to me.
    I also loved the characters, especially Magnolia, who is the main character’s mother, and Miss Lottie Pearl. They were hilarious, but not unrealistically so.
    Overall, I think this book is a contender.

  2. I also felt like I was there, too. I could read for 5 minutes and then actually be able to “see” the characters and “hear” what they said. In most books I can’t do this!! I thought this was really a Newbery book so far. This book is definitely a contender for me, and so far it is #1 on my list. I recommend this book for ages 9+, just because the plot can be a little bit better for older kids at some points.

    Overall, I love this book and I think it is definitely a Newbery contender! 🙂

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