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Tin Star, by Cecil Castellucci

Tin StarSummary: Beaten and left for dead, fourteen-year-old Tula Bane finds herself abandoned on a space station called Yertina Feray after traveling with the colonist group, Children of the Earth.

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3 thoughts on “Tin Star, by Cecil Castellucci

  1. Tin Star is an interesting book. A teenage girl named Tula Bane struggles to start over after losing her family, mentor, and basically everything that constituted her life. While this book was entertaining, I found it very hard to follow the plot. I appreciated Cecil Catellucci’s attempt to be detailed, but I felt like I needed a vocabulary key for the first ten chapters! There are still so many parts of this book that I still don’t understand. Also, while she listed many(maybe a few too many) details about the plot, she did not describe the setting. Although this book was very entertaining, I don’t like having to read it twice to understand it

    1. I also have something to add to my previous comment about this book. This book has some terms and aspects of the plot that make it inappropriate for the younger readers in Mock Newbery. I would advise that only kids 12 and up should read this.

  2. At first, I liked Tin Star a lot because of how unique it was, specifically the setting, and because of the easy to read but descriptive writing style. It was the plot though, that was the weakest criteria, despite how interesting it was. This was because I could not figure out the plot until way later in the book. The book starts off with a scene where Tula was left for dead by some important guy in the galaxy who everyone thinks is noble and caring, but who, by this scene, is revealed to be an evil man cheating the entire galaxy. I liked this part and imagined Tula going off on some adventure to stop him and to to save the galaxy, but the adventure simply never came until the last pages and even then Tula wasn’t motivated towards saving the galaxy, but getting revenge on Brother blue for him leaving her and technically killing her family. I did not connect with this because for the majority of the book, I didn’t realize Tula was even angry, so when the plot finally revealed itself, about her getting revenge, it didn’t fit in with any part of the rest of the book that was focused primarily on survival. Also, the side plot about her little romance had absolutely no purpose except to add an unneeded plot twist at the end where she actually loves an alien. So if you are in this book for the romance, prepare to be disappointed. Tula herself though, was a really well developed character and someone I connected to for the most part. I loved how mature she was and how strategically she thought , it relieved a lot of the stress of the plot. Perhaps though, the main reason that Tin Star cannot win the Newbery is that I felt it left a major cliffhanger. This of course, is hard to tell since I couldn’t figure out the plot arc in the first place, but I’m assuming its meant to be about her getting her revenge on Brother Blue, except he escapes at the end leaving for me, a very unfinished feeling. Clearly, there will be a second book. Overall, Tin Star had an imaginative plot, clever characters, and a very alive setting that made it a book worth reading, however, these aspects did not fit together well enough for this to be the Newbery winner.

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