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Winter Sky, by Patricia Reilly Giff

Winter SkySummary:  Almost twelve-year-old Siria, who chases firetrucks in the middle of the night to ensure her fire fighter dad’s safety, learns about bravery one winter as she tries to mend a broken friendship.

Wendy Lamb

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2 thoughts on “Winter Sky, by Patricia Reilly Giff

  1. Winter Sky was a fun and easy book to read. The writing style was not very detailed, but simple in a way that you could still feel and see almost everything. In fact, I thought that the setting was actually the best part of the book. Throughout the story you just come to know more and more of Siria’s apartment from the roof to the basement, without having a detailed description all at once. You also get to see the fire house where Siria’s dad and co-workers sometimes hangout. The setting gave me an overall comfortable feeling because of the way it was so known to Siria and how the author described the setting as if the places were all places she had stories for and experiences with.
    The plot was okay. It was not incredibly unique or detailed, but someone younger might enjoy it more. There was mystery, pets, holidays, fire, family, friends and injuries all woven in. Sometimes there were parts that I was not sure how they fit in, whether they were leading towards the solving of the mystery or the theme.
    The theme to me did not seem very organized but near the end I kind of guessed it to be something along the lines of loneliness and maybe the need for friends and family. The theme could have been a little clearer in this story for I felt it was a pretty important part.
    Overall I do not believe that Winter Sky is the Newbery winner, however it was a sweet story and it would be a fun read for maybe ten and eleven year olds.

  2. Winter Sky was a very simplistic and sweet book to read. My favorite part of this book was the way that the author integrated all of the characters. You were able to see her relationships with her family members and friends. It had a very strong theme of the importance of family.
    I do agree with Krista, the plot was very basic. It was predictable and directed at a younger audience. I felt like the plot was there to show you Siria’s personality as she reacted to situations in the book. Although I prefer books that have a detailed plot and main character, the author was able to tell you more about Siria and her family.
    I don’t think that Winter Sky is right for Newbery.

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