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far far away, by Tom McNeal

far far awaySummary:  When Jeremy Johnson Johnson’s strange ability to speak to the ghost of Jacob Grimm draws the interest of his classmate Ginger Boltinghouse, the two find themselves at the center of a series of disappearances in their hometown.

Alfred A. Knopf

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2 thoughts on “far far away, by Tom McNeal

  1. I really liked this book. It’s classified as “Horror,” but I don’t think that really fits it, except for one part at the very end (which I won’t reveal). My favorite part of this book, besides the plot, would be the writing style. The ghost of Jacob Grimm narrates the book and sometimes, when you have a narrator from a long time ago, it’s not very interesting because they speak strangely or something like that. This book wasn’t like that at all. I also liked that I never knew what was really happening and the book kept me guessing the whole time. This book is definitely in my Top Seven for this year.

  2. From Krista – I felt more connected to everyone’s stories because of the way it was narrated. The entire reading I got that nostalgic fairytale feeling created by the setting and narrator Jacob Grimm, a ghost separated from his brother in Zwischenraum. This had an unswerving eerie feeling that I truly loved. From the strangely European looking bakery to Jeremy’s memory-filled home at the One Book Bookstore every house, shop and street was described with great importance. All in all, this wonderfully dark fairytale is my favorite book of the year. (Thank you, Krista – I couldn’t say it better myself.)

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