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I Survived the Japanese Tsunami 2011, by Lauren Tarshis

I Survived Japanese TsunamiSummary:  Visiting his dad’s hometown in Japan four months after his father’s death would be hard enough for Ben. But one morning the pain turns to fear: first, a massive earthquake rocks the quiet coastal village, nearly toppling his uncle’s house. Then the ocean waters rise and Ben and his family are swept away-and pulled apart-by a terrible tsunami.



3 thoughts on “I Survived the Japanese Tsunami 2011, by Lauren Tarshis

  1. This book was a very fast read. I felt like the first chapter should have been a prologue, because it described the tsunami wave coming at the main character Ben, and then the second chapter started before the tsunami. Also, I think the book developed too fast and not enough. Maybe that had something to do with the small size of the book. I also found some parts of the book kind of unrealistic. After Ben was swept away he went to a school and his family found him almost immediately. I think in real life it took a lot longer for families to find each other. All in all, I do not think that this is the Mock Newbery winner.

  2. every book in the series has a first chapter that is exactly like a prologue. i love this series because it is based on true happenings. and based on someone who lived through the disasters of earth

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