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Brotherhood, by A.B. Westrick

BrotherhoodSummary:  The year is 1867, the South has been defeated, and the American Civil War is over. But the conflict goes on. By day, fourteen-year-old Shadrach apprentices with a tailor and sneaks off for reading lessons with Rachel, a freed slave, at her school for African-American children. By night he follows his older brother to the meetings of a group whose stated mission is to protect Confederate widows like their mother. But as the true murderous intentions of the group, now known as the Ku Klux Klan, are revealed, Shad finds himself trapped between old loyalties and what he knows is right.



4 thoughts on “Brotherhood, by A.B. Westrick

  1. This was a really deep book that made you think about right versus wrong. I liked how you, the reader, really felt with the characters. The setting, Richmond, was crucial to the plot. This had a writing style that just perfectly wove in with the rest of the book. All the pieces of this book made it a potential Newbery winner.

  2. It’s just sad how some humans treat other humans.
    A. B. Westrick did a great job writing this book. It really gets into how things were in that time period, right down to the details of how the main character saw it. It is a possibility for the Mock Newbery. I didn’t actually like it, though.

  3. This book was a great book to show how people treat others horribly, and the characters were well defined and horribly realistic.

  4. From Krista: One thing this book did was made me think. Great job of showing both sides, their plans, intentions, and reasons. The theme of right versus wrong was very strong throughout. Characters were very thorough; they were not just haphazardly thrown together and made up. Everyone was incredibly realistic.

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