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Radio Girl, by Carol Brendler

Radio GirlSummary: In 1938, fourteen-year-old Cece, an aspiring radio actress, encounters lies, secrets, and hoaxes both at home and in the studio where she is transcribing the script for Orson Welles’s “War of the Worlds” broadcast.

Holiday House


2 thoughts on “Radio Girl, by Carol Brendler

  1. I liked the plot and the characters and the setting was described pretty well. There is kind of a mystery aspect to the book, but it’s not all about the mysteries. I think this is more of a fun read than the Mock Newbery winner.

  2. Personally, I thought the book was typical. There was nothing that made me think it was a Newbery winner. 😦 I did like the characters a lot though.It is a very fun read though!

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